Girls Only - (Becky/Ariel/Rachel/Eliza)

Chuck was gone. He’d left for the mansion about a half hour ago. Becky was bustling around the house, making sure everything was ready. DVD player was hooked up in the living room, and movies were set out to choose from. She’d been back and forth between the kitchen and dining room numerous times already, setting food out.

The guest rooms were ready for the others.

Chuck had been wary of leaving her alone…in her condition, but she’d managed to convince him that she’d be fine. With Rachel, Ariel, and Eliza, plus all the wards on the house, they were about as safe as they could be. But to ease Chuck’s mind, she’d told Gabriel to keep an ear open for her in case anything major happened.

She was just about to sit down when she heard the first knock on the door. Bounding to the foyer, she opened the door with a smile.

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    "Er, okay," Rachel said, eyes widening in surprise. She wasn’t really the shopping type - she didn’t mind it, but it...
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    Ariel raised an eyebrow, but stood up. “All right.” she said, and slipped her coat on. “Why the sudden change of heart?”
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    An idea striking her, Becky practically sprinted from the room. Coming back, she had her purse in hand. “Ladies, get...