First Taste |Closed RP - NBL Downfall|

"And you believe she’s ready, Avery?" 

The blonde woman smiled, looking up from the file. 

"Yes, I believe so." 

"Good," Trevayne said, twirling a small silver coin over her finger tips. Avery nodded, and lead the captain down the hall, stopping in front of Claire’s door. She knocked lightly on the door before unlocking it and stepping in, smiling at the new initiate. 

"That will be all, Avery. I can handle things from here." 

Avery left the room, and Juliet took a seat across from Claire. 

"I have something I would like you to see," the dark haired woman said softly. "You are one of us now, and it’s time you proved it. Oath aside, action is a better…indicator of your dedication to the cause." She held the coin up. 

"Heads or tails, Claire?" 

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    Trevayne pulled the girl to her feet and dragged her forcibly toward the door. She rapped her knuckles on the steel and...
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    Claire cried out when Trevayne gripped her wrist, in the habit of voicing her pain. The pain was too blinding for her to...